Thu 18 Jun 2020 - 0.00

TPG's Commitment to Anti-Racism

A commitment from The Photographers’ Gallery in relation to Black Lives Matter protests and calls for arts organisations to take action

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd in the US and the subsequent widespread protests against anti-blackness and police brutality, arts organisations across the world have been asked to show greater evidence of plans to combat institutional racism and inequality within their sector.  As a publicly funded Gallery, with a core belief that diversity is integral to creativity and innovation, we recognise we have a duty to speak out and act up in support.  Likewise we accept our responsibility to address any shortcomings in these areas and do better.  We are currently working with our staff and trustees on an agenda and plan for reform and change which we will share as soon as possible.  

Brett Rogers, Director, The Photographers’ Gallery. June 2020

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