© Nadia Peters

17. Loss

"After my grandma died 31 years ago I found this old compact with a disintegrated powder puff. It felt very significant, the remains of a life lived. About 6 years ago I embedded it in resin to preserve it her memory."

— Nadia Peters

Family Photography Now, directive and week 17: Take an image that shows the effect of loss, separation or disappearance of a family member on those left behind.

"One of the definitive losses we experience in our life is probably when we lose someone in the family. Death, disappearance or in any other form, their stories remains with us, inside our head. Can we talk about it through a photograph? Is it possible to make an image about someone who doesn’t exist anymore? How do we make photographs of grief? Can an image mourn like we do? Or if we are lucky we may find closure through that process. Show me what you have gone through."

— Sarker Protick, photographer