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22. Fireworks

"Another sibling row breaks out, this time in the bath."

— Kellie French

Family Photography Now, directive and week 22: Share a photograph showing the tension, conflict or fireworks within your family

“Family life is idealised as a place of hearth and home and love.  But this is only part of the reality.  It is also the place where we are confident enough to show our secret selves – our anger, our pain, our sadness. Families are one of the few places where conflict can happen and it is not taboo. As such it is both a great release and a great test. Family photographs almost never show conflict, but smiling, face-pulling or thumbs up. But does anyone have photographs of the family in conflict? For this is as much part of family life than all the airbrushed reality of snapshots.”

— Tim Lott, writer & Guardian columnist