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24. Inspire

"The red lipstick. It always was, always is and always will be my Mom’s integral component. Being a little girl I loved watching her putting her make up on and the red lipstick on her face was something magical to me. At the time you could buy “instant mix” powder juices. My favourite one was strawberry flavoured as I could put the powder on my lips and they got bloody red, just the same colour as my Mom’s lipstick... I loved it, I love every little thing about her."

— Varvara Shinkarenko

Family Photography Now, directive and week 24: Family Values: Show us the women that inspire you in your family

"At The Pool we strongly believe in recognising and championing those women who have helped us be braver, bolder and stand a little bit taller. And more often than not, these women are the ones closest to home. We wanted to say thank you to all our grandmothers, mothers, sisters and aunts for inspiring us to be who we are and then some, every single day. "

— The Pool, UK