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27. Rainbow Families

“This week my wife Kate faced some serious discrimination for the first time ever about her sexuality. She's been told she can't lead or even read at her church because she's GAY. (I'm guessing in case she breathes gay cooties on to the congregation as that can be incredibly dangerous.) However, one person's stupidly old fashioned opinion isn’t going to stop this girl – she's been surrounded by lots of support & love from her own church plant & is determined for things to change & for church to accept & welcome ANYONE. So whilst we took quite a knock this week, Kate's going to turn this around in to something positive. Proud, proud, proud."

— Holly Cocker

Family Photography Now, directive and week 27: Show us a family portrait, which reflects how far we have progressed

“There are people who feel that same sex couples shouldn’t raise children. It wasn’t that long ago, that people felt a black person and a white person shouldn’t get married. It wasn’t that long ago that women were told they shouldn’t have an education. So society progresses – and we are at a point right now, where society is continuing to progress...” 

— Verena Jaekel, photographer