© Nadia Peters

33. Invisible

"This photo was taken in Poland pre World War 2. My mum is the blonde girl second to the end; I never found out who the others were or if they survived the war. I think my mum lived with that guilt all her life. She would never talk about the family she had left and lost."

– Nadia Peters

Family Photography Now, directive and week 33: Images can often make visible what is unsayable. Show me a photo that reflects divided family loyalties. Maybe one in which a figure has been removed or cut out, or one of an absent or estranged parent/sibling

“My father was a pilot for Ethiopian airlines. We have never met. His family says he didn't know about me. My mother says he did. If I believe one of them I betray the other. It's impossible. I am left with little choice than to lose those I spent my life searching for. I found my mother and father through photographs. First time I saw my mum she was the same age as me. First time I saw my dad he was dead. Who do you see that isn't here?”

— Lemn Sissay MBE