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39. Beloved

“In this anti-immigrant and nationalist new Trump era, I can’t help but look to a lot things through a political lens including family portraits. This is Camila my beloved 10-month old daughter. In these new times, I wonder many things. Will she be treated differently because of the way she looks, her gender or ethnicity? Will she have a fair chance at everything she undertakes in life? What will the world and our beloved adopted American country look like in four years when she is ready for Pre-K or in four more presidencies when she is almost ready to go to college?

I am also increasingly wondering more about my role as a parent. How can I raise children that are tolerant, smart, flexible and grateful? How early do I engage them on political processes and news? Do I protect them from the political chaos or introduce them early on to a more complex view of the world?”

— Mariana Salazar

Family Photography Now, directive and week 39: Take a photograph of a beloved family member which conveys why they are special to you

"I think printing a favorite photograph of a loved one is so much more meaningful than sending a link to an online photograph. Although sharing our family photographs by social media gets an image spread quickly I think it intrinsically means more to have a print that you can gaze at for as long as you'd like."

— Stephen McLaren, photographer & curator