© Debbie George

5. Sisters

"Found this buried in a pile of papers – an instamatic selfie of oldest and youngest daughters touchingly labeled by youngest who adores of both her older sisters."

— Debbie George

Family Photography Now, directive and week 5: Share your relationship with your sister through a photograph

"I am the first born of the 3 children. First me, my late brother (who passed away on my birthday five years ago), then my baby sister Vivian. We grew up very close and still are. Together we set up an organisation called IFAD (Institution for the Advancement of the Disabled) to create better services for people living with disabilities and to ensure that children growing up with any kind of disability are not excluded or prevented from participating in the life of the society. It is funded predominantly through donations from friends and family. Vivian is always pushing me to better myself. I love that about her. Yes. We make each other angry but we never dwell on it. We say our say and get on with life. We both love fashion, movies, camping, makeup and just going out. This year I was nominated as the youngest eminent person in South Africa. I have been to Northern Ireland on a youth exchange in 2003, Denver Colarado for a PeaceJam Conference and met The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, in 2006. I owe this to her."

— Patience Lunika