© Diane Creel

6. Framily

"My girlfriend was artist in residence in a hut up Glen Nevis.  I visited her, the weather was bad, our shoes were muddy. We took them off and discovered we were wearing identical socks."

— Diane Creel

Family Photography Now, week 6: Take pictures of your friends that you consider you family

"For many people a community of friends holds a closer bond than members of a family. It is friends that see you through the very stuff of life – breakups, births, deaths… they are often the first ones you call when you need help, support or congratulations. With families traveling and living further afield from one another friends come to hold a greater importance than ever before and relationships can be very intense. The moments of family life such as weddings, holidays, birthdays are spent with friends as we get older and these become our treasured moments. As with family there can also be arguments and misunderstandings and often these cut just as close. Many artists have photographed their communities of friends making touching and loving ‘family’ portraits."

— Susan Bright