Develop Eligibility Criteria

Develop is a subsidised programme aimed at young people aged 14–24 who might otherwise not be able to take part due to a range of social, educational, or economic reasons. 

We are asking you these questions to help us learn more about our develop participants and ensure that we are reaching the widest audience possible. Anything you tell us will be kept confidential, is anonymous, and will only be used to assess if you qualify for a free place. If there are any questions you would rather not answer or you would prefer to speak to a member of the develop team, please contact us at

Q2. Are your day-to-day activities limited because of a health issue or disability that has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 12 months? (select one only)
Q3. Is your current education/employment status one of the below? (select all that apply)
Q4. Are you a parent/carer receiving any of the following? (select all that apply)