John Hinde's "Views of Ireland"

For the first time, the iconic works of Ireland taken by John Hinde are available as photographic fine art prints for sale.

For many people, especially Irish-American tourists, the name John Hinde instantly conjures up images of Ireland in its most quaint and organic form.

A pioneering photographer of his era, Hinde’s images were a cacophony of colour. He managed to document a rich period of Irish history through his carefully constructed settings.

During the summer of 1956, with Jutta’s help, Hinde photographed his first series of “Views of Ireland.” This collection would later become the first of millions of Irish postcards to be produced by Hinde that are sold to this day throughout Ireland.

Long before the days of Photoshop and airbrushing, Hinde mastered the art of capturing still shots of everyday life in Ireland. His previous work in printing allowed him to create high quality colour saturation, which separated him from his competitors. He was also a master at choreographing his images.

Hinde worked with meticulous precision to create what would become symbolic snapshots of Ireland. From the conception of an image right through to the printing stages, he was involved in every step. As the business expanded, the demand on Hinde grew and it became necessary to employ staff photographers, such as David Noble and Edmund Nagele. 

Prints now available from £600 + vat unframed. View images here

Works from the portfolio are available to view on request at the Print Sales Gallery. 

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