Nikoletta Chantzara: Opposing Forces – The Space Between

A window that liberates the eye and leads it towards the sky, the clouds and then behind them, into the endless big blue. Up to infinity where our imagination starts the journey to another world, the fantasy world of the metaphysical. Like an unstoppable centrifugal force trying to meet the infinity to be in harmony with it and to turn it into C O S M O S .


And a flower that grounds the eye, here and now, and makes it look not as it is but as it could be, ‘’οἷον ἂν γένοιτο’’.

In other words, if the previous, outward looking gaze of the window could be for a few moments centripetal, penetrated and sought behind the blurry image of the flower, to the ideal purity of the beginning of E X I S T E N C E .