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Screen Walks

Screen Walks is currently taking a summer break but we will be back on the 9th of September. 

A new online collaboration between The Photographers’ Gallery and Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland.

Screen Walks is a new series of live-streamed artist/researcher-led explorations of online spaces and artistic strategies designed to illuminate a thriving – often overlooked – digital cultural scene. The Covid-19 pandemic has, to a large extent, paralysed the artworld and put the work of most cultural institutions on hold. Reacting with a new online collaborative programme The Photographers' Gallery and Fotomuseum Winterthur remain engaged in supporting artists and researchers while opening up an opportunity to search out what alternative activities can – and are – taking place online, as well as connecting a global audience.

This collaborative project is a way of bringing together and offering insight into some of the rich and varied art practices using the screen as a medium. From re-contextualising imagery found on online marketplaces, uncovering data brokers’ invisible circulation of images, to analysing in-game photography and the social, political and economic implications of games, Screen Walks takes visitors on a rare journey behind-the-scenes and screens of a range of artist projects and uncovers new, current and forgotten digital spaces.

Over the next months, Screen Walks will post a fortnightly wednesday ‘walk’. Each of these invites an artist to stream performative explorations of specific online and digital spaces in which their own core artistic research and practice takes place. The video streams take a format that blurs the boundaries between a guided tour and a workshop, offering a subjective navigation of select digital spaces while providing an up close and personal look at the artist’s practice.

 Fotomuseum Winterthur

Talks and Events
WACTH: Screen Walk with Google Street View Photographer Bot

Wednesday 29th 18:00 GMT. July Google Street View Photographer Bot led a virtual street photography performance.

Talks and Events
WATCH: Screen Walk with Conor McGarrigle

Wednesday 15th 18:00 GMT. July Conor McGarrigle explored the relationships between algorithms, data and images on social media platforms

Talks and Events
WATCH: Screen Walk with Gaia Tedone

Wednesday 17 June 18.00 GMT. Gaia Tedone explored the online circulation of networked images

Talks and Events
WATCH: Screen Walk with Lauren Huret

Wednesday 1st July 18.00 GMT. Lauren Huret explored the work of online image moderators

Talks and Events
WATCH: Screen Walk with The Dazzle Club

Wednesday 3 June 18.00 GMT. The Dazzle Club hosted an exploration of strategies for subverting face detection and recognition softwares.

Talks and Events
WATCH: Screen Walk with Joana Moll

Wednesday 20 May, 18.00 BST. Joana Moll hosted an exploration through the online world of data marketplaces.

Talks and Events
WATCH: Screen Walk with Roc Herms

Wednesday 6 May, 18.00 GMT. An online tour of Roc Herms' favourite virtual worlds.

Talks and Events
WATCH: Screen Walk with Alan Butler

Wednesday 22 April, 18.00 GMT. Alan Butler will lead an online tour of the game environment of Grand Theft Auto V.

Talks and Events
WATCH: Screen Walk with Penelope Umbrico

 This event originally took place on Wednesday 8 April, 18.00 BST.