New Viewpoint

Soho Stories

Paying homage to the multifarious, multicultural melting pot that is our capital city, this series of ‘stories’ aims to capture key areas of London through a range of linked essays and images offering personal and historical reflections.  Our first spotlight is on TPG’s physical and spiritual home: Soho.  Subterranean village, home to a diverse community, site of resistance and the “most creative square mile in the world”, this rich arena continues to provide fertile ground for film-makers, writers, artists, performers, poets…and photographers.

Image: William Klein Shoes polisher, Rocky II, etc, Piccadilly, 1980 © William Klein Courtesy of the artist

Shot in Soho: Photography and Resistance

Julian Rodriguez, chief curator of Shot in Soho, traces the diverse history, community and culture of London's Soho through the photographers that have stalked its streets.

John Goldblatt (1930–2009)
The Colony Room Club

Clancy Gebler Davies on photographing the Colony Room Club, Soho’s most celebrated private members’ club, between 1999 and 2000.

PODCAST: Soho Then

Soho Then is a photo-based podcast. Over six, themed episodes people share their memories and experiences of living and working in one of London's most notorious neighbourhoods - from the 1920s to 2000.