A Story Behind A Photograph by Dea Urovi

First in the series of commissions for Develop at Home - a digital programme of articles, interviews and resources to help us stay connected, inspired and informed at this time of isolation - is Develop Ambassador Dea Urovi sharing a story behind their photograph The Beach From Where You Could See Both The Sunrise And Sunset.

Sardinia is one of two islands located in Italy. Last Summer I spent two weeks with my family on the northern coast in a big house by the sea. I have always lived with both my parents but it’s last summer that I realised that I didn’t know a lot of things about them, and vice versa. On this day, as we said goodbye to the Sun, the sand below my feet turned cold. I sat down anyways and waited for the fire to warm my body.

In front of me were Mum and Dad, sat beside each other, just like always. Now the red flames of our small fire were the exact same colour of the sky. My parents’ voices echoed as I brought the viewfinder close to my eye and pressed the shutter.

For me, taking pictures of the people around me is an excuse to look at them more closely without having to say a word. It’s cliché, for anyone, to take a beautiful picture of a sunset. But with this photograph I wanted to honour my parents, as well as try to figure out how you can be married to someone for over 23 years and not get tired of them. If I close my eyes I can just picture them when they first met, sitting beside each other in a moment just like this. Photographs aren’t timeless for no reason.

This photo marks the end of my teenage hood, the last Summer before turning 20. The time spent in isolation has made me realise the importance of memories, of embrace, of being able to feel that cold sand that I found unbearable and having the privilege to capture these moments.

- Dea Urovi