In Conversation
Fri 02 Mar 2018 - 0.00

WATCH: Batia Suter in Conversation with Clare Grafik

Swiss-born, Amsterdam-based artist Batia Suter produces monumental prints of digitally manipulated images for specific locations, as well as image sequences and collages, often using found pictures. This talk explores her work Parallel Encyclopedia #2, a collection exposing the shifting and relative meanings of printed images depending on their context. She is joined in conversation by Clare Grafik, Head of Exhibitions, The Photographers' Gallery. About Parallel Encyclopedia #2 Batia Suter’s substantial compendium is an image-led sequence of subjective associations offering visual dialogues and new categorisations that demonstrate how our understanding of the physical world and its history, as well as different cultures and places are affected by their context of representation. The found images are sourced and reproduced from roughly 1000 diverse publications collected by the artist. They form various themes and narratives that collectively investigate the nature of images and the process of their consumption. Following on from the first Parallel Encyclopedia, published in 2007, this new volume further exercises the iconification of images by placing images in new and varying contexts exposing the possibilities of visual editing. Suter’s artistic approach is personal and intuitive, selecting a large number of images, which ultimately present how images affect and manipulate meaning, depending on where and how they are placed.

Parallel Encyclopedia #2 is shortlisted for the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2018.