Thu 05 Oct 2017 - 12.00

A Young Person Recommends... Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Photography Tips

Whilst looking around Tate Modern Gift shop I stumbled upon this book called Lonely Planet's Best Ever Photography Tips. I had just got my first ever DSLR camera and I wanted to know how to use it to its fullest potential, so I thought a book might help. There was an array of different books about photography, all of which looked complicated and boring but this book stood out. It looked fun and simple which, as a beginner photographer, was just what I was looking for.

This book includes the 10 Golden Rules to keep in mind when taking pictures and the 45 Best Tips to achieve specific effects or to avoid common mistakes. My favourite part of the book is the 45 Best Tips section because the tips are specific to certain situations. For example if I wanted to achieve a Bokeh Effect with a blurry background I could find how to do it in the book. There is also an easy to understand introduction to the exposure triangle. As a beginner in photography, I had no idea what ISO, shutter speed and aperture were but now I know exactly what each one does and what situations I need to adjust them in. This book has really inspired me to continue with photography because it taught me how to use my DSLR properly, which has made photography way more fun and less confusing for me.

I would recommend this book to beginner DSLR photographers of all ages because it gives a clear, simple and concise introduction to the wonderful world of photography, although if you already have quite a bit of experience with photography this book may not be for you since it teaches the basics, which most experienced photographers already know.

– Maja Szczepanczyk