Wed 01 Aug 2018 - 16.30

A Young Person Recommends... Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs

I have purchased a Nikon Coolpix Bridge Camera I wanted to get a book to learn how to operate it and learn the basic ways to capture a successful photograph such as composition, exposure, light etc. I’m very interested in photography this the first time I getting a beginner’s camera.

Henry Carroll explains the ways of capturing the perfect photos in detail. He describes how to use a capture the different fundaments, (shutter speed, aperture, the use of light and lenses). He highlights the main elements on how to use a camera. This is an ideal book for camera users with DSLR and Bridge cameras. He gives good advice and his writing formal he directly talks to his audience making you feel as if you are speaking with him.

The author gives examples of 50 photographers in this book using images of their book and explaining how you can achieve the same image using the same techniques. The writer doesn’t talk about just one main photographer, but a variety giving us an image helping his audience see what the image looks like and have a visual. Beginners get a realisation of how you can use a camera effectively and not just on manual mode.

The book is really inspiring to read and takes you in the world of photography behind the scenes. From the first page, it grabbed my attention, I was engaged in what Henry had to portray. It made me realise how these artists, could instantly transform an image that captures your eyes and inspire you to grab a camera and just fully observe the world around you. I loved getting to know the settings, and how to use different settings and the terminology. The images in the photo helped me understand how it would look like.

I used a compact digital camera before, but never a bridge camera and understood the ways you can use it. When you read this book, you will absorb a range of terminology with in a camera you may not have come across, ISO or aperture that is different from a basic compact digital camera. I have learnt a lot from this book things that I wouldn’t know without reading it. It was a fresh start with using my camera it helped me a lot.

I would recommend this book for Beginners in photography and would like to understand their camera and how to use it properly. would say it’s for an age but a range of different ages. I rate this book an 8 out of 10 for it help and advice for me and my beginners bridge camera.

– Malakiya Phombeah Savage