FAQs regarding the temporary closure of the Gallery

Dear Visitor,

Please read through the following FAQ's and responses below.  We will be reviewing and adding to these on a daily basis. If your question is not shown here or the answer isn’t sufficient, please contact info@tpg.org.uk or press@tpg.org.uk


When is the gallery expected to re-open?

At this stage we genuinely can't say,  but it is unlikely to be before June.  Obviously we will be guided by PHE and Government advice before taking any decisions to re-open. Check our digital platforms for latest information and sign up to our newsletter for regular updates.  

Are all Gallery activities supsended? 

Yes.  As our building is closed, all activities scheduled to take place there (Exhibitions & Displays, Talks, Events, Courses & Workshops, Book Launches, Print Sales, Meetings, etc ) have been cancelled or rescheduled.  Please see below for specific information on ticketed events and refunds

What are you doing in the meantime?

We are busy ensuring our digital spaces are as inspiring and stimulating as possible.  We have a great range of content already available on our website.  Visit our Viewpoints area to uncover a rich resource of images, artist interviews, podcasts, essays, provocations and relfections on image culture, as well as explore materials and images documenting our history and illuminating our exhibitions (past and present).  We offer tips and skills for photographers great and small and suggest project ideas for anyone with the ability to take a picture.  We also have a specialist print sales area, which offers advice and inspiration for anyone interested in collecting photography.  Our social media platforms will continue to invite and share images from image makers across the world.  Follow. Like. Join in.  

How can I find out about future exhibitions and events at The Photographers’ Gallery?

We will be updating our website and social media channels regularly with news of, and any changes to, our forthcoming programme. You can also sign up to our newsletter for updates.  

Am I able to view the exhibitions online and is access free?

Yes.  Our website is home to a rich selection of images and information on our exhibitions (past and present) and we are working to add new content (including tours of our current exhibitions) for virtual viewing. We also have a great range of essays and interviews for interesting reads.  Visit our Viewpoints page for a curated and eclectic set of perspectives on our programme - and image culture more widely. Access to all  TPG digital content is free.

What can I do to help? 

If you would like to support The Photographers' Gallery during this time, we would be grateful if you would consider making a donation or consider becoming a member so you can help us to continue to champion photography for everyone. 

Staff & Contacts

Are all staff continuing to work while your building is closed? 

Like many other organisations, we are grateful for the Government's recently announced Job Rentention Scheme (JRS), which allows us to protect and support staff as well as safeguard the future of the Gallery. From 1 April 2020 we are 'furloughing' (giving temporary leave of absence) those staff who are unable to fully carry out their duties during building closure, or for as long as the scheme allows (currently until end of May). Furloughed staff will not be working, or be responsive, during this period, but will still be paid (in line with current Government JRS T&Cs).  TPG remains as productive and operational as possible with the input of retained staff and any enquiries and requests will be dealt with accordingly and as swiftly as possible.  

How do I get in touch with individual staff at the Gallery?

You can reach retained staff members on their emails as usual. If you don’t know an individual staff member’s email, please email info@tpg.org.uk and your message will be directed to the appropriate person.

I am a member of the Press, how do I get hold of images or other press information during this period? 

Please direct any press enquiries to press@tpg.org.uk or download press releases from the press area of our website.  Find in footer.

Talk, Workshops & Course Bookings

Are any of your talks, events, courses and workshops still going ahead?

Unfortnately we felt it best to cancel all events and courses at The Photographers’ Gallery until at least June 2020 in the interests of public health.  We hope to reschedule as many as possible once we re-open.  Meantime visit us online for alternative events while we are closed.  Sign up to our newsletter and follow our digital channels for latest information.

I have booked an event/course/workshop during your estimated period of closure (until June).  How do I get a refund?

If you have purchased tickets for upcoming events you will be automatically refunded within two weeks.  If you are willing and able to, we would be grateful if you would consider donating your ticket to help support us during this time.  Let us know if you like to waive your refund at  info@tpg.org.uk or visit this page for info on making a donation 

Will cancelled events be rescheduled?

To the best of our ability, we are hoping to reschedule as many of the planned events as possible.  You can register your interest for any cancelled events, courses and workshops by going to the event page so you’ll be the first to hear if we have been able to find another date for it.

I’ve booked tickets online and I haven’t received an email confirmation or cancellation for my e-tickets.

You should be automatically refunded within two weeks. Please contact info@tpg.org.uk with details of your booking if this is not the case. 


I’ve ordered something from the Bookshop, how long will it take to be delivered to me?

Orders are usually dispatched within 1-2 working days, but services are currently delayed, due to reduced staff with any new orders placed on hold. Please contact bookshop@tpg.org.uk with any questions or to make a reservation.

Will there still be shipping to international countries?

Please see above.  Full services will be resumed as soon as possible.  Meanwhile do contact bookshop@tpg.org.uk with any queries or to make a reservation

I have a book/film/product that I reserved to collect from the Gallery, am I able to pick it up?

In the interests of public health, the Gallery is closed until further notice with all personal collections suspended, Please contact bookshop@tpg.org.uk to discuss your order.

Can someone help me with a problem ordering online?

Yes, contact bookshop@tpg.org.uk and someone will get back to you as soon as we can.

How can I find out about something that’s not in the online shop?

Please contact bookshop@tpg.org.uk with any questions you may have.

Members & Patrons

What happens to my membership during the closure?

Please email membership@tpg.org.uk regarding any questions about your membership.

What happens to my patronage during the closure?

For patronage enquiries, please contact our development team at development@tpg.org.uk.

Thank you for your support and understanding