21 Apr - 22 Apr 2018

Workshop: Fertile Grounds - Still life from The Thames

Saturday 21 April, 10.00 – 16.00 & Sunday 22 April, 11.00 – 17.00

“The Thames is a profoundly liminal space. Twice a day its banks are hidden by the rising tide and twice a day the water recedes leaving a variety of objects. When viewed in this manner, the river acts as London's cultural barometer and what is left on its banks become extremely relevant as indicators of the city's activity.” 

Artist Danny Treacy leads a unique two-day workshop exploring the creative potential of found objects.  Participants will be led on a low tide treasure hunt to unearth objects from the banks of the River Thames, followed by a day in the Studio offering practical and imaginative tips for preparing and photographing your still lives.

Treacy’s immersive practice incorporates photography, sculpture, collecting and anthropology.   He gathers abandoned and discovered objects and makes them the subject of his work through transformative processes such as deconstruction, reconstruction and - finally - photography. This is a rare opportunity to learn new ways of collecting and working with found objects.

The workshop is aimed at photographers interested in developing still-life techniques both on location and in the studio, making use of flash and constant light sources. Participants will produce singular images that explore photography's ability to document as well as interpret objects.

Day 1: Visiting the Thames foreshore

Following an introduction by Danny Treacy to his own work and conceptual approach, we leave The Photographers' Gallery to explore a section of the Thames foreshore as a group. With Treacy's guidance participants will photograph and collect objects they feel are representive of London and the river.

Day 2: In the Studio

The group will share and discuss the objects they have collected. Through their recontextualisation from riverbank to studio, we will work through the various ways in which the items can be photographed and that lighting can be employed, to explore their status as objects. Return to the studio to stage and photograph the objects in various ways and combinations in order to explore their meaning and aesthetic value and how this might change from the river to the studio.

No prior experience is necessary but participants will need to bring a digital camera so that work can be presented and shared with each other. Please note that the required permits have been sought and safety materials are provided.

Danny Treacy works primarily with photography. He has exhibited worldwide, including his first solo exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery in 2008. His work has been featured and discussed in many magazines and publications, including ‘Autofocus: The Self-Portrait in Contemporary Photography’, Thames & Hudson, London, 2010 and ‘Vitamin Ph: New Perspectives in Photography’, Phaidon Press, London 2006.

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