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Thu 12 Apr 2018

Look Again


Visual artist and neuropsychologist Janneke van Leeuwen leads this discussion looking at a single work on display in the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2018 exhibition. The session will use the Visual Thinking Strategy (VTS) methodology and take approximately one hour.

Background information on VTS:

"For a long time, it was assumed that our brains separate personal thoughts from factual information about the world. However a growing body of research suggests that the same brain networks that analyse and store visual and verbal information also regulate complex social behaviour. In other words, our social identity affects the way we see and communicate. These social brain networks are also involved when we engage with art, which has been harnassed by the arts-based, facilitated learning method VTS. By taking part in a carefully moderated group discussion, VTS enables people to examine how personal experiences inform the way they process complex visual information."

Janneke van Leeuwen

Free with exhibition ticket