Michal Chelbin

Between 2000 and 2002 Michal Chelbin produced a compelling series of portraits of circus performers in Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. This work developed into her latest series Strangely Familiar, featuring portraits of small town performers from England, Israel, Russia and Ukraine taken between 2003-2005.

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Natalia, Sentenced for Stabbing, Juvenile prison for Girls, Ukraine 2009 © Michal Chelbin 

Swastika, Men'S Prison, Ukraine 2008 © Michal Chelbin 

Magamed, Russia 2007 © Michal Chelbin 

Paulina, Ukraine, 2005 © Michal Chelbin 



Alicia, Ukraine, 2005 © Michal Chelbin 

Bloody Boy, Russia, 2007 © Michal Chelbin 

Natsya, Russia, 2007 © Michal Chelbin 

Untitled, from Strangely Familiar, 2004 © Michal Chelbin  

Two Athletes, Ukraine 2006 © Michal Chelbin