DEVELOP: Preparing for a Career in the Photography Industry is a new 3-year programme of talks, events and workshops for 14-24 year olds. 

The programme aims to demystify the photography industry and introduce young people to the myriad career paths available in the sector: from photographer to art director, make up artist to model, set designer to picture editor and more. 

With three different access points (Discover, Explore & Focus), the programme welcomes all levels of knowledge and experience and offers practical photography skills as well as other career essentials required to navigate the employment options available in the creative industries.

DEVELOP runs from September 2017 to March 2020 and has 2,500 places available, including a high number of bursary places for young people at economic, social or educational disadvantage and additional low-cost places open to any young person who doesn’t qualify for a bursary.

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WHO: Aimed at 14-20 (no experience needed)

WHAT: Introductory talks and practical sessions. The number of places available for each event is specified on the event pages 

Mastering the fundamentals of photography and the how-to's of your shoots, and learning about different jobs in the photography industry. Involves learning from various different professionals and listening to their day-to-day experiences behind the scenes. Hear about what it's like to be a make up artist or a film cameraman, a producer or a model, an artist or a documentary photographer, and more.


WHO: Aimed at 16-24 (some experience would be useful)

WHAT: Evening sessions, and half and full day workshops consisting of introductory talks in the mornings followed by practical work in the afternoons. The number of places available for each event is specified on the event pages

Improving your knowledge and skills to start building your career within the photography industry. Sessions on analogue photography, studio lighting, building a website, managing your money and taxes, and more.


WHO: Open to all ages (good understanding of photography required)

WHAT: Full day sessions. The number of places available for each event is specified on the event pages 

Extend your photography work into the creative industries and turn it into a potential career. Building a diverse range of skills from moving image to designing your own photo book and creating your own exhibition.

This programme has been generously supported by an anonymous donor.

To register with the programme as a school, youth group or interested community group, please email to introduce yourself and we will be in touch to discuss how we can work together.