Folio Fridays

From July 2020, we are organising two types of review sessions under the banner Folio Friday: group-based Folio Fridays on Zoom and one-to-one Folio Fridays on Skype.

Group-based Folio Fridays take place once a month on Zoom and each session is open to twelve UK-based photographers. These sessions include two presentations by photography professionals, an opportunity for participating photographers to make a short presentation about their work to the group and opportunities for networking in the main room. As part of this session, each photographer will receive two, 15-minute one-to-one reviews by the two photography professionals. This event takes place from 12.00 - 17.00 and review times are set after booking and closer to the time of the event.

One-to-one Folio Fridays are 20-minute reviews open to any photographer and also take place once a month. These take place over Skype and are led by staff at The Photographers' Gallery and significant photography organisations around the United Kingdom, such as Belfast Exposed, GRAIN, Impressions Gallery, PhotoWorks and Redeye.  These sessions take place between 10.00 and 18.00 (BST).

Please note:

  • Both types of Folio Friday are free of charge and offered to photographers who have not had a Folio Friday review through The Photographers' Gallery for three years or more.
  • Photographers interested in receiving feedback on their work can find the next upcoming session in our What's On section. As these sessions are popular, please only book if you have work you are ready to share with a reviewer.
  • It is recommended you share up to two projects and/or up to 20-30 images. You will be asked for a link to your work on booking.


Group-based Folio Fridays are supported by The Fenton Arts Trust.