Studio Activity: Floof Yourself

Floof Yourself is a participatory activity on the Eranda Studio floor, inviting visitors to stretch and play with their ideas of gender. Soof the Floof is a genderless, gelatinous, hairy little blob. Visitors are invited to challenge and question how we wear gender – how it can be subverted, deconstructed and reimagined – by mixing and matching felt props to create, photograph and share the Floof's new looks. 

Floof Yourself is an activity designed and made by Soofiya Andry, with production and design support from Zoey Ribbons, Elle Castle and Jorid Jønland. 

This activity has been commissioned in the context of the exhibition Under Cover: A Secret History of Cross-Dressers and the display Grayson Perry’s Photo Album


Open variable hours