Wed 25 Oct 2017 - 11.15


20 Oct 17 – 11 Feb 18

Touchstone is a display featuring a single photograph on our Eranda Studio Floor. Visitors are invited to respond to the photograph, through writing and drawing, using pencils and cards provided. You can see how others have responded to past and current displays here. This programme links with The Photographers' Gallery's wider educational emphasis on visual literacy.

The current display features a poster for the epic film Mother India. Released in 1957, ten years after the partition of India, is one of the most popular films from the golden age of Hindi cinema and continues to be screened worldwide.

Mother India stars Nargis (1929-1981) as an impoverished mother seeking to follow a moral path against a torrent of personal and social adversity. Here the actor strikes an iconic pose while holding a farm plough. As the New York Times described, “…her honor becomes a symbol of India's own pride as an ancient culture and a new democracy.”