04 Feb - 31 Mar 2021


The Photographers’ Gallery in collaboration with Thomas Brown is delighted to announce the next chapter of Correspondance: 4:104082, a unique collaborative project and immersive audio-visual journey by artist Thomas Brown and illustrator Guillaume Ferrand exploring communication in the context of a global pandemic.

Explore the 12th Room:

The projects selected for this public arena: 4:104082 were drawn from an open call for submissions with the aim to extend both the conversations and field of reference of the original project. From collective uncertainty, to experiencing pre-Covid life vicariously through nature, weather or place; from protest and demonstration to themes of longing, waiting, nostalgia and fatigue, Room 12 brings to life over 50 personal perspectives from across the globe as the passage of the last 12 months has influenced our exchanges with others and created a spectrum of shared experience.

Meticulously designed, Correspondance.World was first conceived during the March 2020 lockdown. It explores and updates the notion of communication as an art form in the context of the global pandemic where ‘normal’ physical contact and exchanges with family, friends and peers have been severely restricted but screen mediated interactions have dramatically increased. An exploration and expression of time, place, communication and the spirit of collaboration, it uses photography, sound, illustrations and conversations between Ferrand and Brown as they both experienced isolation in their separate locations in Europe.

Says artist Thomas Brown: "We are really excited to share the next chapter of Correspondance. We are humbled by the number and quality of the submissions for the 12th space, entitled 4:104082. Your entries took us all over the world, through macro and micro, deeply personal moments to global socio-political issues and beyond. Now visitors to Correspondance.world will be able to explore a wider view on the role that images have played during the pandemic and the multiple and rich visual networks that they have enabled. The new room will invite the audience to create new dialogues between the photographs and videos submitted by each contributor, highlighting the ability of visual media to connect different points of views and experiences beyond any physical constraints. We are excited to see how the collaboration and community will extend further into the future. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Built around 11 ‘compositions’ or ‘rooms’, the immersive site invites participants to dive into these in any order, navigating the selection of photographs, illustrations, videos and text messages that Brown and Ferrand shared between each other to create personal /bespoke narratives. Anaïs Khourt’s atmospheric sound design lends an additional resonance as visitors free flow or actively interact, changing their viewpoint by clicking on particular images.  Any of the chosen paths takes the visitors inevitably back to the start, creating a sense of decontextualized timeless looped space and offers new ways to look, play, and form links between the source materials, and infinite perspectives on the original dialogue initiated between Brown and Ferrand.

Exhibition: Room 12 

“Thomas Brown and Guillaume Ferrand’s Correspondance aptly reflects on the increased relevance that visual network exchanges have had during the Covid-19 pandemic. In a time when physical interaction has been so severely restricted, networked images have become not just a means of communication, but a way of creating a different space where we can experience new, shared notions of time and place. In line with TPG’s digital programme’s aim to question, inspire and explore networked culture in contemporary society, we are excited to open the project to wider participation and reflect other people's circumstances and ways of communicating.” Jon Uriate, TPG Digital Curator

Submissions for this open call opened 4th February and closed 22nd February 12pm GMT.

Selection Panel:

The final selection of works for Room 12 were chosen by artist Thomas Brown, Jon Uriarte (TPG Digital Curator) with George Osei-Prempeh, (TPG Social Media Programmer) and Lara Proctor (TPG Audience Development Manager), with the aim to create an engaging and illuminating dialogue of new works to expand the project's aim. The selection is based not just on the individual works but their resonance to each other. Correspondance has been developed as a digital platform with design agency Justified Studio.

All the Correspondance ‘room’ titles refer to the day length (hours) and orbital period (days /24hrs) of natural satellites within our solar system. The first 11 are Mercury, Venus, Earth, The Moon, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the 12th aka 4:104082 is Haumea. 12 moving 'hands’ or points on a cosmic clock. Functionally they act as coordinates within the site.

Correspondance x The Photographers' Gallery

(i) Lucretius, De rerum natura ii. 216–224. Translation from William Ellery Leonard, E. P. Dutton. (1916)

We wish thee also well aware of this:
The atoms, as their own weight bears them down
Plumb through the void, at scarce determined times,
In scarce determined places, from their course
Decline a little- call it, so to speak,
Mere changed trend. For were it not their wont
Thuswise to swerve, down would they fall, each one,
Like drops of rain, through the unbottomed void;
And then collisions ne'er could be nor blows
Among the primal elements; and thus
Nature would never have created aught.