Thu 14 Dec 2017

DEVELOP: Get to Know Your Camera for Beginners

18.00 - 19.30

Level: Discover
Ages: 14-24​

Stuck on the Auto setting on your camera? Can't figure out why your flash keeps on popping up? Never even touched a camera? We can help. Join us at The Photographers' Gallery, to learn about the wonderous world behind the manual settings on your DSLR. A workshop led by Lillian Spibey, from Sharp Shots Photo Club will show you the basics of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, explaining how you can use them to improve your photography. You will have a great chance to network with like-minded people and go out into the world with your camera with confidence. All you need to do is bring yourself and your curiosity will only grow from there. We are here for you and you only, so don't be shy to come along and take advantage of Lillian's knowledge.

This event is part of DEVELOP: Preparing for a Career in the Photography Industry, a programme for young people interested in learning more about a career in the photographic and creative industries.

Bursary places are free places for 14-24 year olds facing economic, social or educational disadvantage. All information is kept strictly confidential and for statistical purposes only. The DEVELOP programme aims to ensure that a minimum of 60% places are reserved for bursary places. 

Please note: The DEVELOP programme is for 14-24 year olds only.     


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