Sat 04 Nov 2017

What's it like being a Website Designer? and Learn How to Create a Free Website

Free Talk (What's it like being a Website Designer?) 14.00 - 15.00 (40 places)

Talk & Workshop (Learn How to Create a Free Website) 14.00 - 17.30 (16 places)

Level: Explore
Ages: 14-24​

What is it actually like to work as a website designer? Do you need to know how to code? How do you make a living doing it? Join our industry expert to learn the ins and outs of online design, and find out how to make your own free website stand out from the rest. 

This event is part of DEVELOP: Preparing for a Career in the Photography Industry, a programme for young people interested in learning more about a career in the photographic and creative industries.

Free Talk – 14.00 - 15.00

Workshop – 14.00 - 17.30


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