18 Jan - 13 Mar 2018

Mario Klingemann - Neurography

On the Media Wall 

Neurography is a term used by Mario Klingemann to describe his process of working with neural networks – complex machine learning algorithms. He creates ‘cameraless photography’ by training his neural networks on a variety of sources including photographs of electron-microscopes, machine parts, and instagram. Once set-up, his systems autonomously generate his images – producing up to 5000 images per night ­– with Klingemann understood alternatively as author, teacher, curator or editor, and the images further blurring the relationship between human perception and computer creation.

Over the duration of the project, the Media Wall will present a selection of work-in-progress and experiments from various aspects of his practice.


Neural Decay 001340. Courtesy Mario Klingemann, 2017

Mario Klingemann

Mario Klingemann is an artist working with algorithms and data. He investigates the possibilities that machine learning and artificial intelligence offer in understanding how creativity, culture and their perception work. An important part of this investigation is his work with digital cultural archives like the British Library's, the Internet Archive's or the collection of the Google Arts & Culture where he currently is artist in residence.
He is a regular speaker on international art, design and media conferences, winner of the 2015 creative award of the British Library and his works have been shown at the Ars Electronica Festival, the Centre Pompidou, Paris, the Met and the MoMA, New York.


Cameraless Photography with Neural Networks: Mario Klingemann in conversation with Daniel Rourke