11 Feb - 06 Mar 1976

Dr Harold E Edgerton: Seeing the Unseen

11 February - 6 March 1976

Seeing The Unseen is the title of the exhibition of the photographs of Dr. Harold E. Edgerton, compiled and arranged by Geoff Holt and John Myers, staff of Stourbridge College of Art.

It is time that a good number of Edgerton's photographs should be shown together. For a long time the bullet and golfer photographs have been part of our known visual imagery but it is only recently that the amount and style of Edgerton's work has become known and this exhibition and catalogue should ensure that it is appreciated more than ever before.

Working in the tradition of Muybridge and Marey, Dr. Edgerton has, along with his colleagues, Germeshausen and Grier, been involved for 40 years in research. se photographs are only the most accessible products of that lifetimes work.

Dr. Edgerton's major contribution was to combine in 1931 the camera and the stroboscope. Together with the controlled use of flash this enables him to photograph at extremely high speeds. What is so marvellous is that although the subjects themselves may be mundane, the style and way in which he uses examples are both aesthetically pleasing and very exciting and dynamic to look at.

There are 50 photographs in the exhibition and a good illustrated catalogue which sells at 45p.

Dr. Edgerton is at the present time Institute Professor Emeritus in Electrical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is continually experimenting and it was with one of his cameras that the latest and most convincing picture of the Loch Ness monster was taken last summer.

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