12 Aug - 03 Oct 2004

Mediterranean: Between Reality and Utopia

12 August - 3 October 2004

Between August and November The Photographers' Gallery presents a season of exhibitions and events exploring ideas and images of the Mediterranean, beginning with Mediterranean: Between Reality and Utopia.

Any attempt to define the Mediterranean is near impossible: it is a fluid and subjective location. The sea acts as both a bridge and a divider between nations, creating a site on to which hopes and desires are projected, and across which culture, ideas, trade, religions, people, power and economics have moved throughout history. It is possible to have a sense of what the Mediterranean might be without ever having travelled there -- it fills the history of art and literature.

Since the beginning of photography the Mediterranean has been a location travelled to, and depicted by, countless photographers. This meeting place of the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia has a rich and layered history full of contradictions and crossovers, myths and projections, fictions and realities. The Mediterranean season launches with the group exhibition Mediterranean: Between Reality and Utopia. From Alexandria to Athens, Barcelona to Beirut, Tangier to Tel Aviv, Mediterranean: Between Reality and Utopia opens up a conversation between contemporary and historical photography. The photographers selected for this exhibition open up the notion of 'mediterranean' as a place and idea open to interpretations.

Featuring Edouard-Denis Baldus (1815-1882,France); Gabriele Basilico (b 1944, Italy); Bleda and Rosa (b 1970 & 1968, Spain); Christophe Bourguedieu (b 1961,Morocco); Martin Cole (b 1964, UK); Dimitris Constatin (Active 1860, Greece); Louis De Clerq (1836-1901, France); Advan Denderen (b. 1943, The Netherlands); Eric Fischl (b 1948, USA); Günther Förg (b.1952, Germany); Julie Ganzin (b 1963, France); Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894-1986, France); Rosell Meseguer (b 1976, Spain); Vesna Pavlovic (b. 1970, Serbia & Montenegro); Mark Räder (b 1966, Germany); Guy Raz (b 1964, Israel); Xavier Ribas (b 1964, Spain); Youssef Safieddine (b.1925, Lebanon); August Sander (1876-1964, Germany); Sebah and Joallier (1838-1890 Turkey; Unknown); Efrat Shvily (b 1955, Israel); Joel Sternfeld (b 1944, USA); Enrico Verzaschi (b Unknown, Italy); Secil Yersel (b. 1973, Turkey) and anonymous photographers

Curated by Lisa Le Feuvre


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