09 Jul - 30 Aug 1981

New Work in Britain: Aspects of Photography in Britain Today

9 July - 30 August 1981

This exhibition is a survey of current photographic practice in Britain, and aims to indicate the variety and richness of new work being produced.

During the preparation of the exhibition, over 50 portfolios were taken into consideration, and eight photographers finally selected according to the maturity of their vision and the quality of their work. The exhibition is an eclectic one, drawing together various kinds of photography, and including social documentary, documentary, reportage, image-text, formal and experimental work. Landscape is not included as it is comprehensively being shown at Impressions Gallery during the summer.

In the exhibition a division can be made, in terms of method, between those who 'report' on the social behaviour of people and those who 'reconstruct' visual reality according to certain theoretical or aesthetic criteria. Martin Parr and David Chadwick with their social documentary work in Ireland and Manchester, Bob Mazzer and Berry Lewis with their reportage on their reportage on the underground, and the effect of the discovery of oil in Mexico, comprise the first group with its emphasis on external reality. Mark Lewis using texts to to reflect critically on the images of offices, Ricardo Gomez-Perez depicting architectural complexes in a formal documentary way, Lewis Ambler exploring the artificial world of the museum, and David Ward creating imaginary worlds within the studio, form the second group with its more theoretical or aesthetic preoccupations.

Featuring work by Lewis Ambler, David Chadwick, Riccardo Gomez-Perez, Barry Lewis, Mark Lewis, Bob Mazzer, Martin Parr, David Ward.

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