18 Jan - 18 Feb 2018

Poetry of Place: Paul Hart’s Landscapes

British photographer Paul Hart (b.1961) has spent the past thirteen years exploring our relationship with the landscape, in both a humanistic and socio-historical sense.

Poetry of Place will be Paul Hart’s first solo exhibition, bringing together his three series to date: Truncated (2005-2008), Farmed (2009-2015) and Drained (2016-2017), all of which feature specific geographical regions photographed intensively over a number of years. 

In highlighting often-overlooked elements in familiar vistas, Hart's working method is in the vein of documentary. His narratives are further enhanced by his use of the black and white analogue process and traditional darkroom printing techniques, conveying something of the soulful in particular landscapes rarely considered of aesthetic interest.

Signed silver gelatin prints available from £750 + vat. Please contact printsales@tpg.org.uk for more information.

Portal, 2007, from Truncated © Paul Hart

Alien, 2007, from Truncated © Paul Hart

Anmer, 2009, from Farmed © Paul Hart

Holbeach Bank, 2013, from Farmed © Paul Hart

Lapwater Lane, 2014, from Farmed © Paul Hart

Hurn’s End, 2016, from Drained © Paul Hart

Sea Bank, 2016, from Drained © Paul Hart

Station Farm, 2017, from Drained © Paul Hart

Staunt Road, 2017, from Drained © Paul Hart