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Fri 21 Jun 2019

Artist Talk: Evan Roth



Red Lines presents a series of infrared videos of coastal landscapes, shot at the exact location where fibre optic data connections (once submarine telecommunications cables) emerge from the ocean and encompass coast lines from Hong Kong to Cornwall. 

Evan Roth was inspired to visit cable landing points across the world after witnessing the transformation of the internet from a place populated by personal websites, forums, and message boards into a centralised system dominated by Facebook, Google, and Amazon. His visits were characterised by a twin sense of loss (of a DIY ethos and decentralised community) and desire to search (for optimism, wonder, possibility, and empowerment.)

Evoking the decentralised peer-to-peer networks that enabled the pirate culture of downloads in the early 2000s, Red Lines works by establishing a community of viewers who simultaneously stream the feed from each other.  The work questions the notion of ownership, value and territory in a digital age, while making visible the infrastructure of networks. 

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