Talks and Events
Thu 11 Apr 2019

Photo Scratch

18.00 - 21.00, booking essential

Photo Scratch: See. Discuss. Feedback.

Photo Scratch is a pop-up event that showcases projects still in their development stage from working documentary photographers. This edition is hosted by The Photographers Gallery.

This session will feature work-in-progress from:

Milo Alexander-Travers
David Degner
Barry Falk
Ingrid Halvorsen
Nieves Mingueza
Nicola Morley 
Pascal Vossen

Established in 2016, Photo Scratch is a unique social, networking and feedback event for documentary photographers. Each edition of Photo Scratch centres around the projects of six photographers who have applied in advance to share work-in-progress and receive constructive written and verbal feedback from spectators. No one stands at the front presenting, instead spectators and photographers are free to roam and encounter the work at their leisure. At the core of Photo Scratch is the opportunity for photographers to understand how their work is perceived and gain valuable insight into how to take their projects further with the benefit of a range of perspectives. For spectators, Photo Scratch is an opportunity to preview projects in their development stage, offer feedback, and engage in conversations about photography with colleagues in the industry. It also offers time and space for photographers at many different stages of their careers to meet, discuss and have open dialogues about their practice in a supportive environment, in order to make meaningful connections, and stronger work.

More information about Photo Scratch:

Photo Scratch is free to participate in and free to attend.

Applications for photographers wanting to present documentary work in progress have now closed for this event.

Booking essential for audiences.