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Wed 29 Jul 2020

WACTH: Screen Walk with Google Street View Photographer Bot

Wednesday 29th July 18.00 BST
Free event

Watch Google Street View Photographer Bot in a live-streamed online exploration

In this summer intermission, Screen Walks outsourced its activities to a non-human photographer. Departing from the locations where some of the most iconic images of street photography were taken, it screenshoted freely, experimenting with the idea of an algorithmic psychogeography.

Screen Walks is a new series of live-streamed artist/researcher-led explorations of online spaces and artistic strategies designed to illuminate a thriving – often overlooked – digital cultural scene. A new online collaboration between The Photographers’ Gallery, UK and Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland.


Google Street View Photographer Bot is a bot, an automated software application programmed to perform a specific task, walking and screenshotting the world in Google Street View.