13 Apr - 14 Apr 2019

Building a Story: Curating Images for Books, Photo Essays, and Exhibitions

Led by Dan Rubin, in partnership with Leica Akademie UK

Saturday 13 April, 11:00 - 18:00 at Leica Store Mayfair, 64-66 Duke Street, Mayfair, W1K 6JD

Sunday 14th April,  11:00 - 18:00 at The Photographers' Gallery

In the Spring of 2016, photographers and designers Dan Rubin and Craig Mod hiked Japan’s Kumano Kodo for 8 days, photographing what they saw along the way. The following week, they turned those 3000 photos into a book, Koya Bound (Winner, AIGA Cover Design Award, 2017) and interactive map, which distilled the experience of the walk into 84-pages featuring just 57 of those images.

In this two-day, hands-on workshop, in partnership with Leica Akademie UK, Dan will take you through the process of turning a large body of work into what can become a book, photo essay, or exhibition — curating and categorizing your existing work into a manageable number of selects; finding and highlighting themes and stories; making sense of what can seem like a jumble of images with no clear direction, then creating flow and order from the disorder.

Each attendee will get 1-on-1 time with Dan to help curate their images into a smaller, focused amount of selects, and then we’ll print them and experience why the best way to organize your work is by spreading it out on the floor.

Dan will also explore the process of designing an actual book and discuss the challenges inherent in crafting a physical artifact, including the financial aspects of book production and distribution, and we’ll discuss how the curation process translates directly to photo essays and exhibitions.

This workshop is intended for mid-level to advanced photographers who have a body of work already in progress or nearing completion.

For further details and bookings please visit the Leica Akademie UK website.