30 Oct - 04 Dec 2017

Creative Coding for Beginners

Mondays 30 Oct - 04 Dec 18.30 – 20.30

This six-session introduction to creative coding led by Rich Cochrane and Andrew McGettigan teaches the principles of computing and coding from scratch using Processing, a free, open source software for designers and artists. While artists and photographers, particularly those with an interest in digitally oriented practice, increasingly look to mathematics and programming to help them produce artworks, it can be hard to start developing these skills.

Beginning by producing simple graphical images on-screen, explore the fundamental principles common to all programming languages. Sessions also cover processing images and video in most formats, creating interactive effects that are difficult or impossible to replicate using commercial software. Learn how publish your results in a variety of forms including physical printing and exhibition online.

This course covers:

  • The very basics of coding and "thinking like a programmer"
  • Fundamental concepts common to all programming languages (e.g. variables, loops, conditionals and arrays)
  • Creating and controlling visual elements such as colours and shapes
  • Making programmes that respond to the mouse and keyboard
  • Working with pixels in an image file, a frame of video or directly on the screen
  • Producing output in the form of high-res files and web-based applications


Rich Cochrane is co-founder of the Fine Art Maths Centre. He teaches both Philosophy and Programming at City Lit and writes books about maths. He spent ten years working as a software developer in the City, mostly at Goldman Sachs. He has degrees in English Literature and Mathematics and a PhD in Philosophy.

Andrew McGettigan is also co-founder of the Fine Art Maths Centre at Central Saint Martins, where he first started working in 2006. He is an experienced educator and is a respected writer on higher education. He holds a doctorate from the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (now at Kingston University).

The course assumes no prior coding experience. Participants will need to bring their own laptops (mac, linux or PC) with Processing 3 already downloaded:

£220/£200 members & concessions

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