© Robin Cracknell

1. Family Fridge

"Although not crammed with pictures of smiling relatives, this fridge is a pretty fair reflection of my small family. Not just my son's changing faces but a fragment of his poetry as well – words can be more authentic than a photograph sometimes. My father (who died suddenly while visiting me in London) always watching over me, his face beside the grandson he never met."

— Robin Cracknell

Family Photography Now, directive and week 1: Photograph your family collages whether on a fridge, cupboards, bulletin boards or wall

"Throughout my working career I have assiduously collected images of my colleagues’ families – especially their new babies. For me, they have become a timeline reflecting the growth and development of their lives – and mine too. It’s why I can always remember when I meet them years later their children’s names and roughly how old they are – as they have become imprinted on my memory."

— Brett Rogers OBE