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12. Role Model

"This one of my favourite photographs, of me with my Grandfather. Back in 2010, I started a body of work about my heritage and roots discovering he was an avid photographer, the photograph on the left featured in that body of work and must've been when I was around 4. The one on the right was taken just a couple of weeks ago. He's now 87 but still has the energy of a young soul, constantly fixing, mending and trying new things. The way I have always known him is in a safari suit, with an array of screwdrivers, pens and kit-kat chocolate in his pocket."

— Bindi Vora

Family Photography Now, directive and week 12: Take a photo of a role model within your family. What is it about them that inspires you?

"I’m often asked who my role models are, in turn it might seem quite cliché but it has to be my parents because I rarely look at the careers of others to inspire me. Both my parents brought us to the UK in 1990 and have furthermore taken the family to the USA. They've had five kids and all have gone to university and are all really independent. From my father I share a lust for adventure and I see a black man slightly lost and confused by his role in society. With my mother, primarily the one that raised me, I share a relentless thirst for work and to better myself and she is he ultimate matriarch. Both are well educated and both are incredibly intelligent and resilient, and it saddens me I only see them once a year. I’m not fully at their level yet, but I’m still learning.”

— Ayo Akinwolere, Broadcaster