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19. Housework

"Cooking in our house is 100% a father-daughter affair. When K was away recently and I had to cook, Z said, "I never cooked with you before, mama!" She's three, and she was (almost) right. I can count the meals I've cooked on one hand. This is where I'm supposed to say "but I do all the cleaning", right?

— Michele Lee Golden

Family Photography Now, directive and week 19: Who does the housework in your family? Take a picture of the person(s) that most often does the work in the act of a typical task.

"Housework can often be a point of contention in the family, the arena that most clearly defines territories and roles in the house. How do you split the chores in your family? Is it always the same person that gets lumbered with the washing up or is it shared."

— The Photographers' Gallery