Sabine Thoele: Adrift

Sabine Thoele is a self-taught photographer who started out in street photography and has since moved on to event and Fine Art photography. Her work has been published in The Guardian and other publications and online by various musical performers. www.sabinethoelephotography.com

Over the course of one year Sabine Thoele observed the floating world on the surface of a pond in her local park. Her photographs document the traces of nature which gusts of wind left behind: floating leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, feathers and insects – a mirror of the changing seasons. Held temporarily afloat by surface tension the camera captures them just before they will completely vanish, a last celebration of their being. The eternal cycle of life and death played out in a small manmade pond.  A meditation on what has been and what we will remember.


Invisible walls of loss

The world a rectangle

measured by your paces

A craving for solitude

brought you here

where still waters promise nothing

Bird less flights dropped their cargo

Drifting anchors for your searching grief

Tomorrow was expected

Memories took its place instead

You wish you had …