DBPFP 2024: Lebohang Kganye

Black and white image of an installation featuring a scene of a woman standing holding two children by the hand with two benches in the backgrounf

DBPFP 2024: Lebohang Kganye

Colour photograph of a group of people standing together

Lebohang Kganye is shortlisted for the exhibition Haufi nyana? I’ve come to take you home at Foam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (17 February – 21 May 2023). 

Lebohang Kganye’s (b. 1990, South Africa) vast, experimental installations create a space that resides between memory and fantasy. Here she collects stories from her family with excerpts from South African literature and rewrites them into theatrical scripts. Silhouettes, cut-outs, puppets, shadows and ghosts, fashioned from material found in photo albums as well as her own compositions, (re-)enact these scripts and bring them to life.

The exhibition's title, "Haufi nyana?" meaning "too close?" in Sesotho, one of South Africa's official languages, reflects the dialogue between the viewer and the artist. It touches on notions of home as heritage and identity, as well as physical and mental spaces. Her skilful blending of images and words allows her to navigate the complexity of the South African experience, opening new ways of understanding and contributing to the process of decolonisation. 

Through photographic montages, spatial installations and film animation, Kganye’s projects cross personal and collective histories. She draws from shared oral narratives and fictional texts, exploring South Africa’s layered history before, during and after apartheid and colonialism. 

About Lebohang Kganye

Lebohang Kganye (b 1990, South Africa) is a photographer also working with sculptural, performative, theatrical and moving image. Kganye’s work explores themes of personal history and ancestry whilst resonating with the history of South Africa and apartheid. She incorporates the archival and performative into her practice that centres storytelling and memory in the familial experience. Kganye uses mainly her family archive to explore and re-enact notions of home and belonging, she employs narrative to tell stories of home, refuge, family and identity.

Lebohang Kganye received her introduction to photography at the Market Photo Work- shop, in Johannesburg, in 2009 and completed the Advanced Photography Programme in 2011. She obtained a Diploma in Fine Arts from the University of Johannesburg in 2014 and is currently doing her Masters in Fine Arts at the Witwatersrand University. Kganye’s work has been exhibited internationally, at Yokohama Museum of Art, Japan; Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto; Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography, Amsterdam; the Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg, South Africa and many more. Notable recent awards include the Foam Paul Huf Award 2022, Grand Prix Images Vevey 2021/22, Paulo Cunha e Silva Art Prize, 2020, Camera Austria Award, 2019.