16 Mar - 06 May 2018

Tomorrow's Nipple

On the Media Wall 

Tomorrow's Nipple explores the censorship of bodies by commercial online platforms and probes the politics of showing (or not) one’s nipples on social media.

In the last few years, the nipple has become one of the most contested sites on the body and the internet. Images of bare female nipples are reported and removed almost as quickly as they appear. Nipple liberation is seen as a key fight towards gender equality, although it is not without issues around perceived internet freedom and individual (self) exploitation. Movements such as #freethenipple, or the @genderless_nipples have set out to tackle this.

Lead artists: Conor Rigby and Andrew Mallinson.

Contributors: Emma Clayton, Eva Sealove, Jelly Luise, Malou Bumbum, Seyi Akiwowo, Victoria Young & Feminist Internet Reading Group: Caro Zieringer, Clara May Finnigan, Joëlla Vera Bril, Louis Gabriel