The Photographers' Gallery: Print Sales Gallery 2023 Season

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The Photographers' Gallery: Print Sales Gallery 2023 Season

Print Sales is The Photographers' Gallery's specialist space for the sale and exhibition of works from a range of international photographers.
We represent over 30 new and established artists, and we exhibit their work in our purposely-created space at TPG that is free of access to come visit. Additionally, all our profits are invested back into the gallery to ensure we can continue our collaborative work and showcasing new artists, giving them an equitable platform. 
Below is our 2023 season calendar: 


Two long vertical pieces of paper next to each other forming a black and white image of a peacock.

Miho Kajioka: How Long is Now?

15 September - 19 November

Miho Kajioka's (b. 1973, Japan) delicate surfaces conjure memories, half-remembrances, and faded yet still discernible images.

Featuring Kajioka’s latest works and new explorations into colour, this exhibition follows the journey of a solitary figure, transported through dreamlike landscapes that exist within and beyond the boundaries of the tangible. Captivating all senses, as time takes on a whimsical quality, the artist shifts between the familiar and the ethereal.

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Past exhibitions

Find out more about some of the artists featured in our Print Sales Gallery exhibitions so far this year.

Colour photograph of a yellow and brown canary bird, sat on a thin post, with a subtle green background

Dawn Chorus

14 July - 10 September

From flocks and chatterings to parliaments and murders, a multitude of terms describes a collective gathering of birds.

This linguistic richness reflects our enduring fascination with our feathered friends. In our summer exhibition Dawn Chorus, the Print Sales Gallery presents our own curated menagerie featuring unique perspectives from five of our represented artists.

Together, Luke Stephenson, Julie Cockburn, Miho Kajioka, Paul Cupido, and Pentti Sammallahti enrich and contribute to the rich tapestry of birds in art.

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Sunbathers in Portemilio by Fouad Elkoury

Fouad Elkoury: Preserving Time

19 May - 9 July 2023

Preserving Time will be first exhibition in the Print Sales Gallery of work by acclaimed Lebanese photographer and filmmaker Fouad Elkoury (b. France, 1952.) Elkoury’s work captures the devastation and chaos of past conflict in the Middle East, alongside the mundanity of daily life, resilience and moments of joy in the present.


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Jon Tonks, Cow amongst palm trees, Vanuatu, 2015. © Jon Tonks, courtesy The Photographers’ Gallery

Jon Tonks

Having grown up in the West Midlands, far from the ocean, Jon Tonks (b.1981, UK.) has been exploring the stories of lives shaped by history, geography, and the unique intricacies of Island life. This was the first London solo exhibition from photographer Jon Tonks.

24 March 2023 - 14 May 2023

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Sabine Weiss, Paris, 14 juillet, 1954. © Sabine Weiss Estate, courtesy The Photographers’ Gallery

Sabine Weiss: Reflections

Sabine Weiss (b. 1924, Switzerland, d. 2021, France) was the last representative of the French humanist movement in photography. Sabine's work will be exhibited at Print Sales Gallery in Spring 2023. 

“All the pictures I take are entirely instant. What I like is to make an instant picture. Even if there are no people, I like the click, click, click. I never wait.”

26 January 2023 - 19 March 2023

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