Making Photo Books: Lola Paprocka & Pani Paul

Back and front covers of a lilac coloured book with a black and white portrait of a figure on the front.

Making Photo Books: Lola Paprocka & Pani Paul

On Photography

Photographers and founder of Palm* Studios, an independent publishing house, introduce tips on making photo books.

Two of the projects shortlisted for the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2021 took the form of photobooks. Publications offer a huge range of possiblities for presenting photography work. Here are some brief tips from two experts in the field of photo book publishing.

This event formed part of our regular networking event series for photographers called The Social.

Tips from Lola Paprocka & Pani Paul:

  • Your budget is key when self publishing
  • Research other book projects to learn about papers/binding/layouts/design/typography
  • Collaborate with designers/editors/writers
  • Edit images - less is more when presenting to publisher/editor
  • Print out small low quality images to work on sequencing on the floor or a wall
  • Specification for the printers ( amount of pages, type of printing, size of the publication, paper stock, binding etc)
  • Try to get wetproofs/digital proofs/ book dummies
  • Consider amount of edition - number of books printed
  • Look into different printing options litho vs digital and other cheaper options like newspaper print


Lola & Pani’s approach is rooted in documentary photography and focuses on sentimental narratives that provide an authentic, personal insight into the worlds of whom they are photographing.

Lola Paprocka is a self-taught photographer, curator and founder of Palm* Studios, an independent publishing house showcasing the work of photographers and artists.

Pani Paul was born in Australia where be briefly studied photography in Melbourne before moving to London. His book “Mile End” was received with critical acclaim.

Lola & Pani work across the fields of documentary, portraiture & fashion photography.