Photography Agents: Amit & Naroop and Skye Trayler

On Photography
Two men sit side by side facing the camera, arms rested on their knees, hands folded.

Many photographers are interested in finding an agent to support their work and help bring in an income. A good working relationship between agents and their photographers is essential. Both need to be ready to put the work in. And not all photographers are right for agents, and vice versa. 

London-based stills and motion duo Amit & Naroop were joined by their agent Skye Trayler from At Trayler for a session around some of the ins and outs of finding and working with an agent, as well as whether securing an agent is the best route for every photographer.

This event formed part of our regular networking event series for photographers called The Social.


Tips from Amit & Naroop:                

Build your brand: In order to be attractive to agents, you should work out what makes you and your work unique. What’s your back story? Share any information on press, exhibitions, books. Shooting motion, as well as stills, is increasingly important too. Be ready to show personal work as well as your commercial work – both are important. Ask yourself, why would an agent want to represent you over another photographer?

Find the right fit: Don’t blanket email every agency. Do your research. Does an agent already have a photographer on their books who does similar work? How is your work different but also how does it link with a specialism or style of work that an agent represents?

Keep working: Continue promoting and marketing your work. Don’t rely on your agent to do everything – you’re part of a team. Build relationships and keep creating work to share.


Tips from Skye Trayler:

Be concise in your approach: If you’re approaching an agent, don’t send download links. Keep in mind that agents are receiving emails from photographers every day. You can call before you send your email to say you’re sending it, or follow up with a brief call to say you’ve sent it.

When you are signed by an agent:

Be open about money: Don’t be squeamish, it’s a business. Be up front in your discussions about money.

Check usages: Educate yourself about usages. If you’re shooting a campaign, is it local? National? Global? Then estimate the appropriate fee for the campaign you’re shooting. Don’t be afraid to ask, “What’s the media spend for this campaign?”

Be aware of politics: The bigger the production, the more politics there are. Find the person on set who can be your ally and help you.

Take the feedback: Your agent is not your friend. It’s important you find an agent you respect. Then be prepared to handle criticism about your work and use that to your advantage.          


Amit and Naroop are a stills and motion duo based in London. Born and raised in Southall, they came together in 2003 in a makeshift studio in Amit's parents' living room. They have worked with some of the biggest record labels and companies, including Adidas, X-Box and the BBC, and photographed for a range of organisations and causes. Their work The Sikh Project sought "to capture the essence of modern Sikhism and to pay tribute to the beauty and variety of the turban and its identity".


Graduating from university in 2006, Skye Trayler immediately started working for her mother, Carolyn Trayler. Carolyn was already an established commercial photographers' agent and had built up a strong reputation within the industry over her 30+ year career. Skye now leads the London-based agency At Trayler with her co-director and Head of Production George Corbin. Her USP is for supporting and nurturing creative photographers and film makers so that they become the best version of themselves.