TPG Activity: Moving Encounters

A photograph of a mobile phone and a travel card placed on a bus seat.

TPG Activity: Moving Encounters

On Photography
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This activity, devised by photographer Ronya Galka, invites you to reflect on the work of photographer Helen Levitt.

Riding a bus or tram, you’re invited to create a set of candid portraits. You’ll get to tell your very own ‘street stories’ by taking photographs of the people and scenarios that grab your attention outside the bus window. 

The activity is created in the context of the major retrospective Helen Levitt: In the Street at The Photographers’ Gallery.

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About Ronya Galka

Ronya Galka is a street photographer who looks to capture ephemeral moments in the everyday. As a renowned street photographer, Ronya was named one of the Top 10 British Street Photographers in 2015 by the Interactive Design Institute as well as being shortlisted for Most Influential Street Photographers. Ronya's fine art street photography has been exhibited at Liberty and Pall Mall Gallery in London. It can be found in private collections around the world and has resulted in numerous publications and exhibitions over the past ten years.

This activity is supported by the U.S. Embassy London.