TPG Activity: Photographic Distortion

A photograph of a range of materials on a table including a plastic bottle, glue and scissors.

TPG Activity: Photographic Distortion

On Photography
Screenshot of instructions.

This activity, conceived by photographic artist Gisela Torres, invites you to use every day recyclable and household objects to create and share a series of distorted photographic portraits.

The key aim of creating portraits in the style of a funfair amusement attraction is to learn through playing with lens distortion, light sources, and printed portraits.

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About Gisela Torres

Gisela Torres uses photography and the moving image to engage in performance, fine art practices, and new media technologies. Referencing the atmospheric in cinema and music and the playful in the surreal, her visual languages weave multilayered narratives of personal and historical relevance to investigate a sense of place, identity, and loss.